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San Jose, San Francisco Joust for Clean-Tech Title

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed latest city leader to boast about green initiatives



    San Jose, San Francisco Joust for Clean-Tech Title
    qtschlepper / Flickr
    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is pretty smug for a guy who runs a city that you have to have a car to live in.

    San Jose's Mayor Chuck Reed gave out his phone number yesterday asking clean-technology companies to call so Reed can convince them to move to the city.

    Call 408-535-4800 and ask for "Chuck."

    The city that has six lanes to everywhere is the "world center of clean-tech innovation," according to Reed.

    The city has joined notorious polluter PG&E, janitor-exploiting Cisco and holocaust enabler IBM in begging for $42.5 million stimulus spending to build out a smarter electric grid.

    Reed also pointed to his 10-point plan, that includes tree planting and new streetlights.

    Might come as news to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has been known to mistakenly claim that San Francisco is the greenest city in the nation.

    Seattle, Portland, Austin and even Detroit might also beg to differ, as cities race to claim environmental accolades.

    Clearly, green ties are in among mayors. Get the tax breaks while the tax break getting is good!

    Photo by Flickr user qtschlepper.

    Jackson West would love one of these theoretical green-collar jobs, too.