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A Day Off From Disease



    San Jose Cop Gives Sick Kids The Day Of Their Lives

    Brian Simuro is a San Jose police officer, cancer survivor, and founder of the Cops Care Cancer Foundation. Each year his foundation treats dozens of sick children and their families a "day off" from their disease. (Published Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012)

    Brian Simuro is not ashamed to admit he was guilted into action by a little girl.

    Brian is a San Jose police officer. He says one morning, seven years ago, a young girl visited his station during roll call. Brian says she was battling leukemia and had come to ask the officers if they could donate some money to help in the fight against cancer.

    Brian, it turns out, knew more than a little about what that girl was going through.

    As a fifteen-year-old he, too, was diagnosed with leukemia. He was fortunate enough to have beaten the disease and gone on to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer.

    Still, if this little girl was brave enough to walk up to a bunch of cops and ask for money, why wasn't he doing anything?

    He's not asking that question anymore.

    Not long after that girl's visit, Brian started the Cops Care Cancer Foundation. Their big event every year is called Fantasy Flight. A day, Brian says, when sick kids and their families can take a vacation for their disease.

    This year's Fantasy Flight hosted thirty-six kids and their families.

    To see how it went, watch Garvin Thomas' report above.