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SJ Family Fears Foul Play with Missing Mother



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    If you know where this woman is call San Jose police.

    An East San Jose family fear something terrible happened to a young mother, who is recently separated from her husband.

    No one has seen or heard from 28-year-old Valerie Calderon Casillas since she got into a blue SUV near the intersection of Wavely Avenue and Orlando Drive about 3 a.m. Sunday morning.

    Her cousin told her family she stepped out of the home where she was staying to talk to her estranged husband, Marcus Calderon. They were married about a year ago and separated about a month ago.

    "He called her to go out and talk to her and she she didn’t want to but she did anyway,” said her mother, Lalie Calderon. Calderon adds that Casillas didn’t take her cell phone, keys, purse or car.

    Her three children -- aged six, five and one -- were sleeping at the time of the disappearance.

    While Casillas' mother worries about her daughter, she’s trying to protect her grandkids from the fact that no one knows where their mother is.

    The six-year-old keeps asking to call her mother.

    "We can’t call her right now, we’ll call her later. I don’t know what to say to her,” Calderon said, adding “it just breaks my heart."

    The family is gathered, grim-faced at the home of Casilla’s sister Sofia Salinas. Salinas said her sister was supposed to start a new job in customer service at a nearby store.

    Now the family just wants someone to do the right thing and call in any information abour Casillas’ disappearance.

    "If she’s badly hurt, just please take her to the hospital,” Sofia Salinas said. "We just want her home."

    Anyone with information can call it in anonymously to san jose police detective sgt. Eric quan at (408)277-5250 or by calling silicon vallye crimestoppers at (408)947-stop or by visiting www.Svcrimestoppers.Org.