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San Jose Hopes to Bring Back 4th of July Fireworks Show



    San Jose Hopes to Bring Back 4th of July Fireworks Show

    San Jose aims to raise $200,000 to bring back the Independence Day fireworks display. Scott Budman reports. (Published Wednesday, March 12, 2014)

    We haven't seen them in five years but fireworks may be coming back to downtown San Jose thanks to a boost from the Rotary Club of San Jose.

    The organization announced Wednesday that it will bring back the public fireworks display above downtown San Jose for the July 4 holiday, marking the first downtown fireworks display since 2008.

    The Rotary Club still has to raise money for the fireworks show, but like the South Bay economy itself, the momentum and optimism for the show is back.

    “We all recognize that it was sorely missed, and it's the tenth largest city in the country … let's do it, guys," said San Jose Rotary Club president Carl Salas.

    The dousing of the fireworks coincided with a slowdown in South Bay businesses, large-scale layoffs and a big drop in the local housing market. However, with the South Bay economy improving, the city is determined to raise $200,000 to bring back the July 4 party.

    "I feel like I just got an early Christmas present, and I feel like others feel the same way," said San Jose Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen.

    "We have a number of entities coming together to take this on ... speaks to the economy and people working to put something on that people are going to enjoy," said David Grandeym, CEO of "All About Trends."

    This year's show, assuming enough money is raised, will be a one-time event to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Rotary Club.

    However, some hope that the fireworks will continue in the future.