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Boyfriend Denies Involvement in Hawaii Homicide

William Brill remains a suspect in Hawaii death



    Boyfriend Denies Involvement in Hawaii Homicide
    NBC Bay Area
    Karen Celaya fell from the second floor of the Royal Kona Hotel over the weekend. Her body was discovered on the rocks of Kailua Bay below the oceanfront resort late Saturday night.

      "I had nothing to do with it."

    Just minutes after 58-year-old William Brill returned from Kona, Hawaii, he told NBC Bay Area that he was innocent and had no involvement in the death of his girlfriend, 52-year old Karen Celaya.

     Looking a little tired after his five hour flight back to San Jose, Brill says he doesn't know why or how Celaya fell to her death off their 2nd floor hotel balcony onto rocks at the Royal Kona Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii on Saturday night.

    Brill says they had an argument before Celaya's fall. What it was about, specifically, he wouldn't say.

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    Brill did show his gash on his forehead, which, he says, came from a cell phone that Celaya threw at his head during the argument.

    Hotel guests told resort security officers that they had heard a loud argument. 

    Brill says after he and Celaya argued, he went to bed. Celaya was on the patio looking at the ocean. A short time later, there was a knock on the door. It was the police. Brill says he didn't see Karen in the room.

    Brill said he didn't know what was going on.

    "Nor did they have any idea where Karen was,"he told us.

    Brill said police didn't tell him where she was, either: "Cause I didn't ask. And they didn't tell me,"Brill told us.

    Brill claims it wasn't until the next day when police told him Celaya had died. He says after he was arrested, no one told him anything.

    "I'm sure you kept asking about Karen though." NBC Bay Area's George Kiryama asked. "I mean she wasn't around. Were you kind of worried?"

    "I was worried for myself," Brill said. "I didn't even know what they were doing there [his hotel room]."

    The autopsy shows Celaya died from trauma after falling from the balcony. Big Island police released Brill after there was inconclusive evidence that foul play was involved in Celaya's death. But Brill remains a homicide suspect.

    "It's very, very disappointing," Brill said." This is an extremely serious charge."

    Brill says he broke down when he was told of Celaya's death.

    "I mean it was the news I didn't want to hear," Brill said.

    Celaya's sister-in-law, Lynne Seward, says she doesn't believe Brill's story.

    "I don't believe him for a minute," Seward said. "I think he knows. I think he needed to clear his conscience by what he said. And at this point, I don't believe he has a conscience."