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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed's House "Occupied"

Mayor reportedly at home during protest



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    More than 30 protestors gathered outside San Jose Mayor Chuck  Reed's house Saturday afternoon and briefly erected a tent, according to  police.

    Police were called around 2:40 p.m. when around 30 or 40 people  apparently affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement gathered in front  of the mayor's house, said Officer Jose Garcia.

     One person pitched a tent in the driveway, but left before officers could contact him, Garcia said.

    That man identified himself as the man who had been living on top of a wall at San Jose City Hall.

    Police told the protestors that they could legally stay on the  public sidewalk, but needed to stay off private property, Garcia said. A  short time later, the group departed.

    The protest was peaceful, and there was no vandalism or violence.  Police made no arrests.
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