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San Jose Mayor Wants To Play Ball, Make Money

Leaders say stadium deal a steal



    San Jose Mayor Wants To Play Ball, Make Money
    The next stop in the plan to bring the A's to San Jose will take place in this building.

    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed says his city is sitting in the stands, ready to get on the field.

    Today, Reed will reveal again why his city needs to take the field when it comes to building a new ballpark for the Oakland A's.

    He has to sell the idea that it will pay to play in San Jose.

    Responding to critics who question how much city coffers will actually benefit from a new downtown ballpark, Reed will tout a new city analysis.  It claims a downtown ballpark would generate $1.5 million annually for the city, another $1.5 million for its redevelopment agency and $2 million for Santa Clara County

    "This report finds that it makes fiscal and economic sense to bring baseball to Downtown San Jose. Our residents will benefit, our Downtown businesses will benefit, and surrounding communities will benefit. I look forward to the day when the ballpark is completed and families from throughout our community can enjoy an afternoon or evening at the Downtown ballpark," Reed said.

    Reed will try to seal the idea with a rare team of his own; which consists of an alliance of business and labor.

    The  city has set up a Website touting the pluses of a San Jose park.

    Also today, the City Council will review and vote to accept the economic analysis of the proposed baseball park.

    Check back for updates.