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San Jose Police Arrest Man Who Ran From Hit-and-Run With Shotgun

Man ran from scene with a shotgun, but was found later in a neighborhood



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    Police in the South Bay are calling one hit-and-run driver’s attempt to escape jail "creative."

    Dave Moody with the San Jose Police Department said there was a crash involving several cars on Capitol Expressway between Pearl Avenue and Highway 87 just before 5 p.m. Saturday.
    Emergency calls poured in, but not just about the crash. Witnesses reported one driver involved in the crash pulled out his shotgun before he ran off behind the car dealerships.
    “Officers were brought in from all over the city and a perimeter was set up,” Sgt. Moody described.
    He said it was just about an hour into the perimeter when one officer stopped a vehicle leaving a nearby residential complex. One of the passengers in the vehicle complained of experiencing chest pain. The officer decided to call for an ambulance, but instinct said this could be the guy they were looking for.
     “While the ambulance technicians were treating this particular person, one of the witnesses from the crash was brought over and identified him as the driver that fled the scene,” Sgt. Moody said. “He was trying to get a ride out of the neighborhood.”
    The man was taken to a local hospital. After he checked out fine, police say they took him into custody for possession of a firearm and for the hit-and-run. The relationship between the man and the driver of the car that was leaving the nearby residential complex is still unclear. Police have not released his identity.