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San Jose Police Department Has Job Openings

Police Chief Chris Moore says the department has offered many laid off officers their jobs back.



    San Jose Police Department Has Job Openings
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    The San Jose Police Department had a rash of recent cuts but the department offered most of those officers their jobs back.

    Less than a year after the San Jose Police Department was forced to lay off officers because of a budget crunch, the department is offering most of those jobs back.

    In an online question and answer session, San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore said his agency was forced to demote 15 Sergeants and lay off 63 officers to comply with the city's 2011-2012 budget.

    But Moore said his department has been able to re-promote six sergeants and he has offered reinstatement to all but 16 of the laid-off officers.

    "Unfortunately, many of those offered their old positions back have declined because of the potential for being laid off once again," he said.

    And the former officers have good reason to feel apprehensive about taking their old jobs back.

    The new positions are not being offered because the department has found more money. Instead Moore said the openings are because several officers recently have retired or left the department for other agencies.