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Police Release Sketch of SJ Trail Suspect



    Police Release Sketch of SJ Trail Suspect
    San Jose Police

    The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department released a sketch of the man suspected of attacking a runner on a San Jose trail.  He's described as 5'6'', weighing 150 pounds.

    A woman said a man who fits the drawing's description grabbed her and through her to the ground Sunday afternoon.  She fought back and was able to get away with just a few bruises.

    The attack happened in a dry canal that sits below the Coyote Alamitos Canal at the end of Snell Avenue in South San Jose.

    "She's a strong woman," her friend Frank Williamson said. "If it was anyone else, it might have escalated further. She's a fighter, and she fought back."

    Sheriff's deputies say the attacker was wearing a baggy, hooded sweatshirt.  Witnesses say he sped away in a silver or gray mini van.

    News of the weekend attack shocked South Bay joggers, who quickly made a u-turn away from the trail after hearing the news.

    "See? This is why I stay on my treadmill, " said Tanya Kerr. "I run in my garage on my treadmill."

    Another jogger, Madelein Dube, said she'd never use the trail again?

    "Oh no, no, no, no," said Dube. "I love it. My dog and I go up here all the time. It's our little retreat. It's a shame we can't do it any more."

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