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San Jose Group Seeks Home For Abused Pit Bull

Lucky for Champ, Emily Olszewski came to the rescue.



    San Jose Shelter Seeks Home For Abused Pit Bull

    Champ, the pit bull, was found abused in July, and now, San Jose Animal Advocates is seeking a permanent home for him. George Kiriyama reports. (Published Friday, Sept. 14, 2012)

    Champ the pit bull can't see the toy he's chewing. That's because he's blind. Champ was left for dead. Someone dumped him in front of a South Bay elementary school, tied him up to a fence with a computer cable around his neck.

    Lucky for Champ, Emily Olszewski came to the rescue.

    "He was like bleeding and had a bunch of bite marks and cuts all over him," she said. "He was really disoriented. He couldn't really stand or walk. It makes me upset and angry at whomever would have done that to him because it's just you know he's a loving, helpless animal essentially."

          Champ arrived at a San Jose animal hospital in mid July in terrible condition. Doctors were forced to remove his eyes. Brooke Andersen who works at the animal hospital ended up taking Champ home with her after a few weeks of recovery.
    "Shocking," Andersen said. "He was really cut up and his eyes were really bad. They had a green tinge to them. "And he was very skinny. I haven't seen a dog that skinny.

          Andersen believes Champ was abused and neglected by someone who didn't care. 

    "They should definitely I feel be put away. It's a crime. It's total neglect and I think they should be treated just like you would if you neglected a child," Andersen said.
           Since Champ can't see, his ears and nose are his eyes now. Andersen has fattened him up. The bones you could see through his skin have now been covered with muscle. The goal now is to find Champ a permanent home. Somewhere Champ can live in peace. And the best type of owner? 

    "Somebody definitely that has the patience and probably the knowledge of a blind dog," Andersen said.

            Supporters of Champ including the San Jose Animal Advocates have started a Facebook page with the hope it leads to a loving home. If you want to help,

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