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The Unlikely Tech Titans

The robotics team from Apollo High School in East San Jose is racking up some impressive, and somewhat surprising, hardware



    The robotics team at San Jose's Apollo High School, a continuation school in the East Side Union High School District, is breaking stereotypes about the type of students who can succeed in technology. (Published Wednesday, April 17, 2013)

    Once they are done building robots at Apollo High School, they'll have to get busy building something else: a trophy case.

    There are just 8 teachers and 160 students at Apollo, a continuation school in the East Side Union High School District. It is a last chance at graduating high school for students who weren't making it at the district's traditional high schools. If they were even going to school at all, that is.

    It is that troubled background that all Apollo students share, which makes the accomplishments of one group so remarkable.

    Apollo's first-ever robotics team, lead by first-year teacher Michaela Brant, is barely six months old. Still, they have brought home trophies from their first two robotic competitions.

    Now, they just need a place to put them.

    To see them in action, watch Garvin Thomas' story above.