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San Jose Travel Agency Closes; Dozens Out of Luck

Several people were left without money or tickets after a South Bay travel agency closed its doors



    San Jose Travel Agency Closes, Dozens Left Out of Money

    Dozens of people who booked travel with Sun Light Travel in San Jose are out of luck after the travel agency closed its doors, taking with it the money intended for airline tickets. Kimberly Tere reports. (Published Monday, June 10, 2013)

    A South Bay travel agency appears to have shut down without warning and dozens of people who had already given the agency their money for tickets, will be left in the lurch.

    Sunlight Travel on South King and Tully roads in San Jose has posted a sign indicating it is filing for bankruptcy.

    "I think it’s a scam here because you don’t wake up overnight and say I’m going to file bankruptcy, “ said a former client who did not want to identify himself.

    The former client knows someone who was impacted greatly.

    “He paid over $9,000 for a ticket. He had to come back early for work so on Friday he call the airline and they said his ticket cancelled and he say no. I paid in full and so the airline say you need to call your travel agency.”

    Sunlight Travel’s clients are upset. Some were at the busiiness on Wednesday, the same day a three-day notice to pay rent or quit was posted on the business' doors.

    The clients said the agency was open that day, still booking travel and taking cash payments.

    “I am very angry, “ client Kim Nguyen said.

    “Money is tight these days," another client said, “you pay for ticket and you can’t go.”

    The complaints vary. Some say they went to Sunlight for help with immigration issues and didn’t hear from the company again. Many others say they were given fake itineraries.