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San Jose's Smiling Dog Goes Viral



    San Jose's Smiling Dog Goes Viral
    Maureen Ravelo

    A quick snapshot of a dog's birthday celebration has turned a San Jose pooch into an Internet sensation.

    Maureen Ravelo took the picture of her Bichon Frise-poodle mix named Riley on his birthday.

    As you can see from the above photo, Riley appears to be smiling.  The pose isn't a one time deal.  Ravelo says Riley often displays the human-like expression of happiness.

    The viral part started when Maureen decided to post what she thought was a cute photo of her dog on Facebook.

    One repost lead to another and now Riley has been viewed by millions.

    Ravelo told she is thrilled at the dog's new celebrity but that she is shocked it has become so big.

    "He can do difference faces. Whenever I try to pet him when he's asleep, he shoots me a look as if I just disturbed him. He's known for that. Part of him is pretty snobbish, but for the most part, he's just a pampered poodle with a playful attitude," she told the magazine.