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San Mateo Beaches Covered in Bacteria

E. Coli found on San Mateo sands -- and lots of it.



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    Jonathan Ferrey
    Half Moon Bay. The beaches here and elsewhere in San Mateo County have lots of bacteria, a report says.

    The beaches are alive -- with the crawling of bacteria.

    A recent report says that San Mateo County's beaches "are the worst in the state" by one measure of bacterial pollution, according to Bay Area News Group.

    E. Coli and other bacteria are present on San Mateo sands in levels in excess of daily maximums, the news group reported.

    No other county in the state had so much E. Coli, the newspaper reported.

    The report was compiled by the Natural Resources Defense Council, and said that pollution at Parkside Aquatic Park and Lakeshore Park drove the bacteria levels, the newspaper reported.