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San Mateo Bridge Repairs Complete



    San Mateo Bridge Repairs Complete

    Good news for people who use the San Mateo Bridge.  Caltrans crews completed its construction work on the bridge early Sunday morning.  All lanes have reopened after inspectors identified a structural flaw Thursday.

    During a routine inspection, Caltrans engineers identified a crack  in a wishbone-shaped steel beam located beneath the affected lane and  immediately closed the lane.

    The affected beam was originally installed as part of a seismic  retrofit completed in 2001 that allows for the bridge to move back and forth  during an earthquake, according to Caltrans.

    Engineers quickly set to work on a repair design, which called for  several high-strength steel plates to be bolted in place over the cracked  section.

    Over the weekend, Caltrans engineers regularly reviewed progress  and designed additional repairs to maximize the beam's strength -- four  plates were originally called for, but officials decided Friday to add at  least one more.

    Although the redesign required more time, Caltrans said the  benefit of long-term safety for drivers outweighed the short-term  inconvenience of the lane closure.

    Crews worked to complete repairs ahead of a football showdown  scheduled for 1:05 p.m. today at Candlestick Park in San Francisco pitting  the San Francisco 49ers against the Oakland Raiders.

     The lane was reopened at 3:19 a.m.

    Caltrans said engineers will continue to monitor the repaired beam  section, and additional off-peak lane closure may be required to ensure safe  use of the lane.

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