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San Pablo Is Still Moving: Inspector



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    Inspectors were in San Pablo again Sunday monitoring six homes that  have been threatened since rain caused a landslide earlier this week,  Assistant City Manager Kelsey Worthy said.

    "Soil is still moving, but the structures are still sound," Worthy  said. "They are not showing any addition signs of stress or cracking."

    The landslide was reported Thursday afternoon behind homes in the  5900 block of Wyman Street and the 5900 block of Hillcrest Road, he said.

    Three homes on Hillcrest Road and Wyman Street have been yellow  tagged, meaning they can only be accessed on a limited basis during the day.  At least two people and no more than three are allowed in the homes at one  time. No one can spend the night inside, he said.

    They were tagged due to the danger of fallen trees and mud  intrusion, according to city officials.

    It's raining less today in San Pablo, which has inspectors and  city officials hopeful.

    "Any let up in the rain is welcome. That is the issue right now -  the soil needs to dry out and stop advancing down the hill," Worthy said.