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San Rafael Homeless Given Map Of Places to Avoid

Homeless people in San Rafael now have a map of places where they are not welcome.



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    No homeless allowed.

    Police and businesses in San Rafael have staked out "hot zones" where homeless people are not welcome -- and maps displaying where these "hot zones" are located are being distributed via charities who serve the Marin County homeless, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    "Complaints" from visitors as well as businesses in the Marin city's downtown led to the creation of the map by a San Rafael police lieutenant, according to the newspaper. Areas to avoid include Fourth and B streets, Fourth and A streets, and the Hospice by the Bay thrift store at 910 Lincoln Avenue.

    Police described the maps as a "gentle way of asking people to act appropriately," the newspaper reported.

    The city receives complaints of homeless people drinking, defecating or urinating in public, letting their dogs off-leash, or being intoxicated.

    Operators at the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which serves free meals to  about 300 people every day, are distributing the fliers for the police.

    The fliers also ask homeless people to use toilets, to not steal power from the city or a business (bad news for iPhone users), to refrain from Dumpster diving and to not store personal items in city flower boxes.

    The fliers also ask the homeless people not to camp at the Elks Club or in the San Rafael Hills.