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San Ramon Cuts July 4th Fireworks Show

Budget concerns force city to axe popular show for 2012



    San Ramon Cuts July 4th Fireworks Show

    No "rockets' red glare" this Independence day for people in San Ramon.

    After collecting input from residents, the city council voted last night to do away with the fireworks at its Fourth of July celebration. The city says it can't keep up with the cost of increasing traffic and crowd control.

    The fireworks have been an annual tradition in San Ramon's Central Park since 1985, but the city has seen a huge increase in crowds in recent years. City leaders say that's because many nearby cities have already canceled their fireworks displays for monetary reasons. That's bringing more people from other cities into San Ramon, causing major traffic and crowding problems.

    The city saw its largest crowds last year, with some areas getting so congested, emergency vehicles couldn't move through the streets. The city says in order to provide for a safe 2012 event, they would need to increase the budget to $318,000, up from $175,000 for the 2011 event. At last night's council meeting, city leaders decided it would be best to hold the Fourth of July celebration without the fireworks.

    San Ramon Fireworks Celebration

    [BAY] San Ramon Fireworks Celebration
    The San Ramon City Council has voted to eliminate the fireworks show this year in the Fourth of July celebration. They will have the staff plan this year's event, without the pyrotechnics. The city says it cannot afford the growing cost of traffic and crowd controls. The new celebration plans will be reviewed February 28th.
    (Published Thursday, April 11, 2013)

    Plans for the new, scaled-back celebration will be reviewed on February 28th.