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Boy Scout Aerial Rescue Caught on Tape

Santa Barbara fire officials release video of a rescue operation in Los Padres National Forest



    Authorities airlift one of 18 people trapped in the Nira Campground area. (Published Tuesday, March 22, 2011)

    Fire officials released dramatic video Tuesday of a rescue operation in Los Padres National Forest.

    More than a dozen people were trapped in the Nira Campground after river crossings became impassable due to heavy rains. The group of 12 boy scouts and six adults called for help around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

    "The scouts are tired, cold and hungry and are requiring assistance," said fire officials in a statement.

    The scouts -- known for always being prepared -- had planned for one to three inches of rain. Instead, they got more than 11 inches of rain in the area, said Santa Barbara County Fire Department Captain David Sadecki.

    The strong winds and snow limited how many people could be carried during each of the four helicopter trips.

    "We got to get moving. The weather's coming in fast," says one rescuer worker in the video as a scout is lifted into the chopper.

    Sadecki says the scouts had a good attitude during the rescue, and enjoyed the helicopter rides.

    They were taken to Santa Ynez Airport to be checked for hyperthermia, according to officials. No injuries were reported and the kids were reunited with their families the Solvang Veteran's Memorial Building.

    The two groups of scouts were from Lompoc and Camarillo.