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Santa Clara Man Arrested for Making Threat on State Official: CHP

Bomb making materials were found in man's home



    A Santa Clara neighborhood is on edge tonight after a neighbor is arrested and a bomb squad is called in to detonate explosives. Marianne Favro reports. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013)

    Authorities arrested a Santa Clara man who once worked for Steve Wozniak on charges that he threatened an elected official, had explosives and an illegally loaded gun at his home.

    More explosives were found Wednesday.

    Members of the CHP's Hazardous Device Detail, working with the  Santa Clara County Sheriff's bomb squad, found a "useable device" -- an  explosive -- at about 3 p.m. and plan to place it into the trailer to blow it  up some time Thursday. The discovery of the bomb came after the CHP and sheriff's  deputies on Thursday resumed their search inside the residence of Everett Basham,  45, who was arrested for threatening or intimidating a public official and  other charges Tuesday.

    "We keep turning over a page and finding something new every  time," CHP spokesman Sean Kennedy said.

    Bomb Making Chemicals Blown Up in Santa Clara Front Yard

    [BAY] Bomb Making Chemicals Blown Up in Santa Clara Front Yard
    A surveillance camera captured a bomb squad explosion in the front yard of a home. The man who lives there is accused of making threats against an unnamed elected official.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013)

    Basham, 45, who once worked for Apple's co-founder, was taken into custody on Tuesday at a relative's home in Sunnyvale, according the the California Highway Patrol. It is not clear which state official he threatened. 

    In an email to NBC Bay Area on Wednesday, Wozniak confirmed he knew - and liked - Basham.

    "Everett is a brilliant engineer who has contributed insightful and creative ideas to me," Wozniak wrote. "Everett left ... primarily due to his disagreeing with the structure of the company under venture capital. I admire Everett's thinking very highly. I would classify Everett as distrustful of the government, as many of us are. He was a champion for the common person. Everett never spoke as a person who could or would commit a crime. I was honored to be at his wedding."

    Basham - who neighbors say liked to dress in military fatigues and adorn his home with security cameras - apparently has been under CHP surveillance for an unknown amount of time.

    The CHP said a Tuesday night search of Basham's home on Humboldt Avenue found unknown chemicals that appeared to be part of a bomb making operation. Some of the items were unstable and had to be detonated in the man's front yard. A large explosion was heard around the neighborhood.  

    People living closest to the home said they were told to evacuate or shelter in place, but were allowed back before midnight.

    Rather than risk an explosion if they put it into a vehicle, the officers decided to blow it up in the home's front yard, Kennedy said.

    "For the safety of all, they decided it was safer to do it in the front yard," he said.

    Basham was arrested on several charges including suspicion of threatening public officials, illegal possession of chemicals used to make an explosive, possessing an explosive and having an illegally loaded firearm in his truck, according to the Santa Clara County sheriff's department. 

    He is currently in the Santa Clara County jail. 

    One neighbor was surprised.

    Jose Plancarte told NBC Bay Area on Wednesday that he didn't know Basham very well, but when he did spot him outside he was "always pleasant." He added that the whole incident has him "very concerned."

    The home sticks out on the street lined with well kept houses. It has radio antennas and cameras placed on the roof.

    Below is a freeze-frame of the detonation. The explosion is at the top of the photo. It can also be viewed in the video at the top of the page.

     NBC Bay Area's Marianne Favro and Lisa Fernandez contributed to this report.