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You Mean This GPS Thing Works?



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    A parolee wearing a GPS device apparently didn't think the thing actually worked.  But it did.

    The San Jose Mercury News is reporting GPS tracking helped police in Santa Clara crack a bank heist.
    A Citibank in Santa Clara was hit on Monday.  A security camera snapped a photo of the robber which in turn was shared with the other area law enforcement agencies, including parole officers.

    One officer thought he recognized the guy as Gary Lee Damon, a parolee with a GPS tracker. So he checked the tracking system. Lo and behold, the man was at the branch at the time it was robbed.

    Santa Clara police are now holding Damon on suspicion of bank robbery.

    Damon was wearing the GPS as a requirement for his parole.  It's standard procedure to explain to people that the device works 24 hours a day. 

    The Merc looked at the Megan's Law database and found the 47-year-old Damon had served time after being convicted of assault with intent to commit rape.