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School Prevents Bullying by Displaying Teeth



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    Kim Kardashian shares this lovely photo with us on Dec. 10 tweeting "At the dentist for a good teeth cleaning! This is serious!" Last time we checked Kim, getting your teeth whitened doesn't count as a "cleaning".

    The AP Giannis Middle School in San Francisco's Sunset district is attempting to address conflict and bullying by displaying close-up photographs of teachers' smiling mouths at lunchtime. Students will be given prizes for correctly guessing whose mouth they are looking at.

    It's part of "Respect Week," a district-wide effort to promote tolerance. As part of the week, the Middle School is holding a special "Smile Day." Students seen smiling will receive special stickers.

    A district spokeswoman explained that smiles make people seem approachable, friendly, and easier to get along with, according to the Ex.

    Nationally, bullying in schools has been no laughing matter

    New Jersey just signed a tough anti-bullying bill into law, responding to an epidemic of abuse that led to several high-profile suicides at the start of the school year.

    A teenager in Minnesota is believed to have committed suicide this week following anti-gay harassment from peers. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer had earlier stated that schools should not address bulling.

    Assemblymember Tom Ammiano has been working on a California version that is basically a copy of New Jersey's law. In collaboration with Equality California, Ammiano expects to introduce that bill within the next few weeks.