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Scouring San Francisco's Ramen Underground

Bay Area foodie reviews Ramen Underground.



    Scouring San Francisco's Ramen Underground
    San Francisco is not necessarily known for its ramen.

    Good ramen is hard to come by in San Francisco. There are a few glimmers of light (*cough* Tanpopo *cough*), but I’ve longed for something downtown, closer to work. When Ramen Underground opened up in the Financial District last fall, I was overjoyed.


    Shoyu ramen

    Ramen Undergound has become my go-to spot when I’m craving ramen but can’t get to Japantown (or better yet, the South Bay). The broth is umami-laden, the noodles are chewy and full of bite, and the ambiance is fun. I usually order the shoyu ramen with a gyoza topping. Outside of the standard pork-based broth, Ramen Undergound also has chicken and vegetarian broth options on their menu.

    I’ve never gone for lunch, but around dinnertime, it’s always busy, and there is nearly always a wait. And oh, it’s BYOB, in case you like your ramen with a cold beer. Ramen Underground is minimalist in its approach, which works just fine. The emphasis is on quality, and at the end of the day, I’m happy that when the craving hits, good ramen is just a short walk away.

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