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Second Body Found in Delta Mandota Canal



    Second Body Found in Delta Mandota Canal

    A second body was found in the Delta-Mendota Canal Saturday morning and police said it was wearing the same clothes as Jose Rodriguez, the man suspected of kidnapping and killing Juliani Cardenas.

    The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said a water department employee found the body about 11 miles south of the location where Rodriguez' car was discovered.

    Little Juliani's body was discovered much further downstream about a week ago.

    Juliani was taken from his grandmother's arms on Jan. 18.

    Positive identification of the adult body won't be possible for a few days according to investigators. 

    When contacted by NBC Bay Area, Juliani's mother said she did not want to make a comment about Saturday's discovery.

    Hundreds of people came to a public memorial for Juliani this week. A private funeral will be held next week.