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See Who Supports Sit Lie Proposal

Chamber of Commerce poll also finds support in Tenderloin, Haight



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    NBC Bay Area photographer Robert Wellington catches the attention of a group of people on a Tenderloin street corner.

    Take a stroll down Union Street in San Francisco's Marina neighborhood, and it's unlikely you'll have to step over or past drunks or punks.

    Yet that corner of the city is where the support of Mayor Gavin Newsom's controversial "civil sidewalks," or sit-lie, ballot measure is the strongest.

    At least according to a poll conducted by the city's Chamber of Commerce, which also supports the measure.

    Two neighborhoods that do have reputations for colorful street life, the Tenderloin and the Haight, are second and third to the Marina, respectively.

    Those two neighborhoods also happen to be the districts of two popular "progressive" supervisors, Chris Daly in District 6 representing the Tenderloin and Ross Mirkarimi of District 5, representing the Haight.

    Both voted to oppose the initial ordinance presented to the Board of Supervisors, and both district seats are in an election season -- Daly is termed out, and Mirkarimi is up for re-election.

    But before you think the bill is electioneering meant to bring more moderate voters to the polls to challenge progressive candidates, former District 6 candidate and Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Vice President Rob Black tells the San Francisco Weekly that the ballot measure is not a "wedge issue."

    Jackson West wonders why the mayor and chief are for creating a new crime, but against increased police foot patrols to stop those already on the books.