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Selling Endangered Animals on Craigslist Is a Bad Idea



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    A stuffed polar bear at the Pittsburgh Museum of Natural History is okay. But trying to sell one on Craigslist is not. Photo: Ambergris on Flickr

    Almost anything may go on Craigslist but trying to sell stuffed endangered animals is a bad idea.

    A Pacifica man found out the hard when when he pleaded guilty in federal court to selling taxidermy mounts of endangered animals, according to SF Gate.

    James Dickson admitted he sold a stuffed polar bear, an American bald eagle and a Siberian tiger using the San Francisco-based website Craigslist.

    A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service undercover agent responded to an ad Dickinson placed on Craigslist offering a stuffed polar bear for $6,500.

    Dickson warned the undercover agent that it was illegal to own a polar bear in the US, according to prosecutors.

    But that did not stop the 57-year-old from offering the agent an illegal black bear.

    How much does a black bear go for? About $3,800 on Craigslist.

    Dickinson admitted to selling several other animals on the site as well. His biggest catches were a Kodiak bear that he sold for $14,000 and a Siberian tiger that he sold for $15,000.