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Oakland's Marijuana Trade -- From Start to Finish

Oakland Local report delves into the intricacies of the legal pot trade



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    Legal marijuana could be an economic boon to a beleaguered state in California.

    So just how does one grow cannabis seeds into marijuana plants and then trade them openly and legally through medical dispensaries across California?

    A six-part report from Oakland Local delves into the issue, including the rise of potrepreneurs doing everything from building one-stop shops for all your cultivation needs to providing health services to cannabis club members.

    Oakland has become an epicenter of the medicinal marijuana education and business operation, and serves as a regulatory model for other communities.

    That's, in part, thanks to Oaksterdam University and founder Richard Lee, who has successfully campaigned to get a measure on the November ballot. If approved by a majority of California voters, the initiative would make recreational use legal as well.

    The current restrictions on the market have done little to curb demand, with the value of the state's marijuana crop estimated to top that off all other agriculture combined at over $14 billion.

    The question now is: How do you migrate from a largely black market trade into an above the counter and display shelves trade? Oakland has lead the way in mainstreaming the business.

    Now let's see if the rest of the state is ready to learn their lessons and put them into practice.

    Jackson West agrees with Peter Tosh on this one.