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Sharks Player Makes Young Cancer Patient's Dream Come True

Patrick Marleau sits down with 7-year-old fan.



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    Elise Steingruebl was diagnosed with leukemia in April of last year. The energetic and happy 7-year-old is a huge San Jose Sharks fan, so when the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society offered her the opportunity to interview her favorite player she jumped at the chance.

    Elise chose number 12, Patrick Marleau. A few weeks ago, she sat down with Marleau for an anything goes interview.

    Here's a look:

    Elise: When did you start playing hockey?

    Patrick Marleau: I started skating when I was three years old and started playing when I was five years old. Pretty young huh?

    Elise: Yeah, wow.

    PM: There's not much to do up in Canada in the winter time, it's cold up there.

    Elise: What is Hockey Fights Cancer Awareness all about?

    PM: It's a way for the NHL to give back to the cancer society and help them with their research so they're able to help out people with cancer.

    You can see the full interview HERE.

    According to Fear the Fin, Elise will finish up her treatments in August of 2012. She uses a YouTube channel to try and help kids like her deal with the illness.