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Illness Hits Guide Dog Puppies



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    Guide Dogs For The Blind

    UPDATE:  There have been no new cases in the past few days, but a totoal of eight puppies have died. 14 are sitll recovering, and 13 were released back to the kennel over the weekend. On Friday, 27 pups were taken to the Oregon campus where they will stay until they find raiser homes.


    An outbreak of parvo, a dog sickness, is causing distress at a well known agency that helps the blind.

    Parvo is a common virus dogs are normally vaccinated for, however at Guide Dogs For The Blind, the puppies are too young for shots.

    Acting CEO morgan Watkins, said "This is a very serious disease in puppies. We've seen 30 dogs sick, five have died."

    A team of veterinarians from UC Davis is in San Rafael helping to control the outbreak, and taking care of the sick dogs.