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Side Items Key in This Thanksgiving Feast



    Side Items Key in This Thanksgiving Feast
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    The shopping list for a traditional Thanksgiving Day feast usually includes turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing and sweet potatoes. Sometimes there's a ham on the table. But for a special group dining on the big day in San Francisco, the menu will not include those common ingredients.

    It's not just a group of vegans who will be dining on tofu and other meatless dishes, although there's at least one place you can get one for free in the City, in exchange for good deeds. These dinner guests are typically part of the meal, not just partaking in it.

    Experts at the San Francisco Zoo will serve up a seasonal feast for the turkeys and pigs Wednesday including all things Thanksgiving, exept for turkey and ham.

    Zookeepers will set the table this Wednesday with a silver platter feast that sounds pretty good, considering the guest list. Turkeys and pigs at the zoo will fill their bellies with corn, grapes,  beans and more.

    And if they find a worm in their food, all is well -- they are supposed to be in there.

    The items that won't be on the menu? Turkey and ham, although it seems the guests would probably gobble them up as well.