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Sideshow Crackdown Begins



    Sideshow Crackdown Begins
    Link confirmed day before shootings

    Oakland police are using the holiday weekend to begin a crackdown on so-called "sideshows."

    Police officials say additional officers will be assigned to traffic enforcement this weekend, while the department will also move more quickly in towing or seizing vehicles.

    "It is my responsibility to both crack down on illegal activity that endangers lives and explore all available options for protecting the residents and neighborhoods of Oakland. We will continue to investigate and enforce illegal sideshows as we have done in the past, but we are simultaneously looking to develop new techniques," said Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts.
    This weekend's crackdown marks the launch of a campaign of stepped up enforcement against the impromptu and frequently reckless driving rallies that take place in Oakland.

    Over the past few years police have linked several killings and shootings to the sideshows.

    Effective immediately, the Oakland Police Department has implemented the following:

    • Assigned 4 squads of officers dedicated to strict traffic enforcement.
    • Created a process to streamline the towing and/or seizure of vehicles.
    • Created a partnership for enhanced charging when people engage in illegal activity at the sideshow.
    • Individuals participating in illegal cruising activities potentially face criminal charges and the seizure of their vehicle.