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Sierra LaMar Instagram Post a Hoax

Missing 15-year-old's account was hacked and fake messages were posted.



    Officials Recruit Task Force to Find LaMar Hoaxer

    The Santa Clara County Sheriff's office has picked up an ally who is uniquely qualified to find the person who hacked Sierra LaMar's social network accounts. (Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

    An Instagram message claiming to have been posted by missing teenager Sierra LaMar asking for help was a hoax, according to authorities.

    Someone claiming to be the missing 15-year-old took a screen grab from Facebook of the girl with the message "please call the police he's coming back" and giving an address in Saratoga and posting it on the girl's Instagram account.

    Authorities determined while the address was a real location in Saratoga, nothing suspicious has turned up.

    A+screenshot+of+the+fake+message+posted+on+Sierra+LaMar%27s+account.+It was determined that Lamar's account was hacked and someone sent the message as a sick joke. It is also not the first time that one of LaMar's social-networking accounts have been hacked since her disappearance.

    Sierra Lamar Online Hoax Prompts Concern

    [BAY] Sierra Lamar Online Hoax Prompts Concern
    Online impersonator writes fake cries for help from Sierra Lamar in Facebook profile hoax.
    (Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

    LaMar was reported missing on March 16 when she never made it to school after last being seen walking towards a bus stop.

    Antolin Garcia-Torres of Morgan Hill was arrested and charged with kiling LaMar last month even though no body has been found.