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Sierra Lamar's Parents Get Help, Support From Those Who Know

Families who lost loved ones in the past come forward to offer support and expertise to Sierra LaMar's parents.



    Parents Who Know Reach Out to LaMar Family

    The LaMar's are getting support on all kinds of levels in the search for their daughter. (Published Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015)

     As hundreds of people comb areas of Morgan Hill for missing teenager Sierra LaMar, but there is one person who can't.

    "Going out and searching is too painful. I can't do it," Debbie Boyd said.
    It's too painful because Boyd's own daughter Christie Wilson was kidnapped and murdered as she left Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento. She was 27 years old and her body was never found.
    "It's such a horrific experience even today. It is still very difficult six and a half years out. I'm still trying to cope with the day to day. You just feel helpless," Boyd said.
    Boyd said although she can't help in the physical search, she is reaching out personally to Sierra's parents.  
    Christie Wilson's father is also helping the LaMars. Pat Boyd is a retired San Jose police officer and has offered his expertise on both an investigative and a personal level.
    "This family is even worse than we are. At least we know who did it. Right now this family has no idea where their daughter is, what happened and who's involved," Pat Boyd said.
    Along with Marc Klaas, who lost his own daughter to a killer, the Boyd's offer the LaMar's a unique perspective. One that is rooted in pain, but shared by survivors.