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"Significant Improvement" for Bryan Stow: Doctor

The long road from a serious brain injury has some positive signs of late for Bryan Stow.



    "Significant Improvement" for Bryan Stow: Doctor
    Bryan Stow before the attack.

    The doctors who are in charge of the recovery of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow had some good news to share Monday.

    They said Stow has had lots of "ups and downs" since arriving at SF General in mid-May, but added that significant improvement has been made in the past few days.

    Dr. Geoff Manley, Chief of Neurosurgery at SF General said Stow can now follow commands and interact with family.  He said Stow is also responding well to a recent surgery to replace a missing skull fragment.

    "Though he still cannot speak, he is now able to move slightly upon command and to turn his body toward someone talking to him. We are buoyed by these developments, but we still do not know how far his recovery will take him," Manley said.

    Stow suffered a serious brain injury from an attack in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Opening Day. 

    The next step for Stow and his family is to get him into a rehabilitation facility. Doctors said they will do that as soon as he no longer requires acute hospital care.   Manley did not give a timeline for that.

    Stow's condition remains listed as "serious."