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Silicon Valley Morning Briefs: Cisco Turns 25

The Silicon Valley icon celebrates, eBay and Craigslist keep fighting, and Google turns MTV



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    Cisco Systems, a Silicon Valley icon, is a mere 20 years old.

    Here a Silicon Valley view of the market day before the sun comes up.

    • Cisco's John Chambers will make himself available to press after Thursday's closing bell at the conclusion of the company's press and analyst meetings.  Cisco just turned 25 years old.
    • Few people even remember it, but eBay owns about 25 percent of Craigslist.  They're sure not acting like a team, though: eBay and Craigslist continue their fight in a Delaware courtroom.  Craigslist says eBay used its partial ownership to design  secrets on how the classified ad business runs to make its own classified ad website.  eBay says Craigslist monkeyed around with the company's stock structure to ensure eBay could never excercise any power.
    • is up and running.  A music video only website, it's a coproduction of several major recording companies and Google.  It's also the first time YouTube technology has been used outside YouTube.  Back when we were kids, there was a different music video distributor called MTV.   The "M" stood for music, and TV was something called "television".
    • Shares in Apple (AAPL) are well off the highs they set last month.  Meanwhile shares of Research in Motion (RIMM) are higher as that company solidifies its business in China.  Fortune reports an Apple tablet could come this spring.
    • The UCLA Anderson forecast says double digit unemployment will continue in California through 2012, and in fact unemployment will get worse before its gets better.  Unemployment nationwide, meanwhile, has already gotten better.  This is a particular problem not just for California families, but for Sacramento, which will have to deal with declining revenues.  A family can move out of state.  A state cannot move out of state.