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'Silicon Valley' Mansion Crawl

When NextWeb video director, Hermione Way throws a party, she throws a party.



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    Mat Luschek
    Hermione Way celebrates her birthday during the filming of 'SIlicon Valley' on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

    When The Next Web video director, Hermione Way throws a party, she throws a party. 

    Hermione is not just the video director for the popular website, she is also starring on Bravo's latest reality show, "Silicon Valley," which follows the lives of several entrepreneurs in the area.  
    This year Hermione's birthday fell in the middle of shooting for the show. She decided to throw a birthday bash / mansion crawl, charging $50 a pop, and limiting the invites to 100 people.  
    Hermione wanted to show off how startup entrepreneurs in the area are now, not only working together, but living, eating and breathing in a shared household.
    "I wanted to show people what goes on in these mansions as it's not normal!" Hermione said. "Most adults our age are in relationships living with their spouses or have their own apartment, but in Silicon Valley, living with as many like-minded people as possible helps us faster achieve our goal of making an impact on the world."

    For your money you got to hang at two of the mansions featured in the show, mingle with the cast, network with entrepreneurs, and possibly end up on the show.
    Guests were first invited to "The Villa" (follow @thevilla on  Twitter) which is the home of Hermione, her brother Ben Way, Marcus Lovingwood, (who are both on the cast) Chris Saad, of Echo, and Johnny Diggz of Tropo. 
    Upon entrance, hung a sign informing everyone that they may be filmed for the reality show.
    At The Villa, guests were treated to an open bar, BBQ, a small pool and a view of San Francisco that can't be beat.
    After filling up on Sky Vodka drinks, sausages, and birthday cake, attendees, cast and crew, were trollied off to Factory Zero, another mansion featured in the show.
    The atmosphere here was a bit more frattish, with kegs, a band, a DJ, and beer pong,  in the massive house. Also in the house, a glassed off dining room, where a crew of programmers were taking part in a hackathon to create a new website, during the party. 
    The walls of Factory Zero's livingroom are lined with chalkboard material and covered with goals people had scratched in with chalk, such as "I will finish writing my novel."
    The entire time, Bravo cameras filmed cast and guests enjoying themselves. 
    Hermione said the $50 ticket price would largely go towards cleanup of the mansions.