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Silicon Valley Unemployment Up, Up, Up

Nearly twice as many unemployed compared to last year



    Silicon Valley Unemployment Up, Up, Up
    Cisco Systems shed 700 jobs recently -- might be time to move to Bangalore, where the company is still hiring.

    Unemployment in Santa Clara county was up to 11.8 percent in June, up from six percent for the same month last year.

    This marks the ninth month in a row that unemployment was worse, year-over-year.

    Job losses were worst in computer and electronic products, professional and business services, transportation, utilities and construction.

    Combined unemployment for San Francisco and San Mateo counties was up to 9.2 percent -- again, nearly double the number from the same month last year, 4.9 percent.

    Where to look for work?

    "[P]rivate health care and social assistance firms continued to add jobs over the year," reports BusinessJournal.

    Makes sense, since the loss of jobs in the region is enough to make anyone sick. Photo by Liz Cantu

    Jackson West would like to take credit for coining "thunderemployment" to describe part-timers who've moved on from funemployment.