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Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Drugged Ex-Wife

In a real-life courtroom soap opera, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist is accused of drugging his ex-wife for sex.



    Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Drugged Ex-Wife
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    Money. Sex. Sleeping pills. And it's all on trial.

    Silicon Valley venture capitalist Rick Bolander is accused of spiking his ex-wife's wine with sleeping pills and taking advantage of her state -- lurid details revealed in the Hillsborough resident's civil trail, proceedings in which Rinske Bolander is seeking unspecified damages, the Contra Costa Times reported.

    In this particular he-said-she-said, Rinske Bolander's lawyers say that she was drugged with Ambien on two separate occasions, beginning in 2007, when Rick Bolander then proceeded to have unconsensual sex with her. Rick Bolander's lawyers say that "the Ambien Episodes" were all but forgotten until divorce proceedings, when it was revealed that Rick Bolander's fortunes had crumbled during the worldwide economic crisis, and Rinske Bolander's settlement was greatly diminished, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    Furthermore, Rick Bolander drugged his wife in order to have sex with her so that they could restore their fading love life and ergo restore their marriage, according to his attorney.

    Rinske Bolander -- whose husband provided for her catered meals, two nannies and an assistant in 2006, at a cost of $100,000, according to Rick Bolander's attorney -- had filed domestic violence charges against her ex-husband in 2010, but no charges were ever filed, and she dropped her suit.

    Custody of the couple's four children and a final division of their property are at stake.