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Silicon Valley's Virtual Soldier Heads Into Battle

3D training to prepare for the real thing



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    Real soldier.

    It's a slightly unsettling scene:  A man, dressed in camouflage, aiming a machine gun -- while prowling around an office conference room.

    The fact that the camouflage is rigged with wires, and connected to a computer in the soldier's backpack gives this one away:  It's a scene taking place inside the offices of Quantum 3D, a Silicon Valley Company training soldiers the virtual way:  By sending them to a virtual Afghanistan.

    The soldiers who train wear the gear, along with 3D glasses equipped with screens.  It's virtual reality writ large.  These men and women are 100% immersed in the battlefield, while actually prowling around the conference room, gymnasium, or parking lot.

    Quantum 3D created the technology for military applications, and they've already sold a bunch to the US military.  Meanwhile, they're showing it off to armed forces in other (allied) countries as well, and getting a good reception.  Quantum 3D executives say they're proud to lend a high-tech hand in military training, and, judging by the reception the product is getting, it's training that will be around for awhile.

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