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Sinkhole Swallows Road near Golden Gate Park



    Sinkhole Swallows Road near Golden Gate Park
    It's not quite this bad, but the theory is the same.

    If Golden Gate Park slides into the ocean -- or if water overtakes the park -- maybe it'll begin here.

    A 10-foot-wide sinkhole has appeared along the north side of Lincoln Way at Funston Avenue near the park's southern edge, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

    It appears a water leak from an underground pipe caused the damage, which could take weeks for crews to repair.

    The parking lane near the intersection, the adjacent curb and a nearby light pole were all damaged by the hole's appearance.

    The cause of the leak is not yet known.

    The leak appears to have begun sometime on Tuesday, according to authorities from the Public Utilities Commission, which manages the city's water mains.

    The sinkhole means nothing more than a few parking spots have vanished. One lane of eastbound traffic was blocked off for a few hours as crews investigated the leak. The westbound lanes in Lincoln Way should be open to traffic during the repairs, authorities said.