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Sit-Lie Met With Guerilla Benches



    Some of the Haight's bullies hanging out.

    If the City won't allow sitters to have sidewalks, then let them have benches one group says.

    A group of San Francisco activists has installed 10 handmade benches across the City in protest of its new sit-lie ordinance, which prohibits sitting or lying down on public sidewalks.

    The group is not giving its name but in an email to the San Francisco Bay Guardian with pictures of the bench, a member put in the subject "Angry queers protest sit/lie with public art."

    The benches came complete with a written protest:

    These benches are more than places to sit. They are a visible resistance to the privatization of public space. We believe that public space should be for everyone, and right now it is being taken away from those of us who need it most. Those of us whose presence in San Francisco has made our city the radical and creative haven it has been for decades. Those of us who have the least access to private spaces (which continue to get more and more unaffordable) and whose safety nets (like our shrinking public services) are being continuously destroyed.