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Skype Debuts Futuristic Video Chat Booth With Motion Detection



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    Skype debuting its new video chat booth.

    Video chatting with friends and family on your smartphone was a huge trend last year, with some thinking it would replace regular forms of communication. But now that Skype video chat is available on smartphones, what's the point of putting out a public video chat booth?

    Currently, there is only one Skype video chat booth and it's in Estonia's Lennart Meri International Airport in Talinn, but it's kind of special. Described as UFO-like, the pod-shaped Internet booth allows Skype users to take and receive free video calls. The cool thing is its platform changes color when you're standing in the booth to signal you're logged into Skype. When you step out, it automatically logs you out of your account.

    Inside is a 22-inch touchscreen display and a headset. Not fond of earwax from a stranger? Plug your own in. The prototype booth isn't actually made by Skype, but by AdTech.

    To be honest, this idea sounds like a grand slam, if it came out 10 years ago before the cellphone put the phone booth into an early retirement. There's also the issue with price. These booths cost as much as $5,600. If everyone signs up for a free Skype account and only makes calls to Skype users, then how would these things be profitable to keep around?

    The Skype phone is the perfect example of a great idea released at the wrong time. Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing video chat booths springing up everywhere across the world. This thing might not even make it out of Estonia.

    Via Deutsche Welle

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