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Smells of San Francisco Bacon Waft to Saturday Night Live

Deal still needs to be signed, but the popular Bacon Bacon restaurant in San Francisco appears to have struck a deal with "nosey" neighbor



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    Bacon delicacies whipped up at Bacon Bacon in San Francisco


    The smells of bacon wafting from a San Francisco restaurant have not only generated local debate, but have become joke fodder for Saturday Night Live.

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    On this Saturday's "Weekend Update," host Amy Poehler referenced the now-national story about Bacon Bacon in Ashbury Heights coming under fire from a neighbor who suffered from the intense bacon smells from the restaurant, only to uncover the popular eatery also had permitting problems.

    To watch SNL, click here, the Bacon Bacon portion is at minute 27:20.



    Poehler made a quick reference to the San Francisco cafe debacle, by saying it's got to be "really tricky to walk up to a cop and say something smells like bacon" to grab a police officer's attention.

    Owner Jim Angelus seems to be having a sense of humor about the whole thing as well.

    "I just woke up from a dream where we had to close our shop, Amy Poehler made fun of it on SNL and I was driving this fancy new food truck around the Bay Area," he wrote on the Bacon Bacon Facebook page.

    Over the phone, on Monday, Angelus said that "out of the ashes, bacon rises."

    He said all this brouhaha has been great  for business. "Short term this is 'Ugh,'" Angelus said. "But ultimately, business is really strong."

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    On Friday, Angelus agreed to install a $35,000 air filtration system to better aerate the bacon smells, an agreement his neighbor's attorney, Ryan Patterson, agreed to informally.

    But Bacon Bacon has to shut down until July 11, when there will be a formal planning commission hearing to see if the new permits will be approved.

    Until then, bacon lovers in San Francisco will just have to follow Angelus' bacon truck around. Current specialties include a melted cheese sandwich with bacon and bacon jam, the "Bird," a  panko-encrusted chicken sandwich with bacon and bacon mayo, and the "Belly," a pork belly sandwich with an organic fried egg, arugula and caper aioli.

    And from the support he's gotten from bacon lovers around the world, they are bound to simply put their noses in the air, and find his delicacies by the smell of bacon in the air.


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