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Smoke in Plane Cabin After Oakland Landing



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    Via Facebook: Linton Johnson
    A passenger shot this cell phone video of the emergency landing.

    Officials say an air conditioning unit was to blame for smoke that filled the cabin of a SkyWest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Oakland.

    SkyWest spokeswoman Jessica Bowers says the plane landed safely at Oakland International Airport and was at the gate around 9 p.m. on Wednesday when passengers smelled smoke.

    They were rushed off the plane, though no emergency chutes were deployed.

    Linton Johnson, a passenger on the SkyWest flight, posted a cell phone video of the landing to his Facebook page.

    "I started smelling smoke right after we landed, but the scent wasn't that strong at first," Johnson wrote. "As we pulled near the gate the pilots slammed on the breaks and the flight attendants scrambled to open the emergency exits. This is the lead flight attendant's reaction - calm at first because the drama was just starting...."

    The plane was carrying 75 passengers and four crew members. No one was hurt. It was operating as a Delta Connection flight.

    Bowers said crews checked the plane, and it was cleared to resume flying.