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Social Sites Get a Little More Political

Facebook launches national politics page



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    Unveiled at the Personal Democracy Forum, Facebook's page for national politics suggests politicians buy more advertising on Facebook.

    Just in time for local and national campaign season, Facebook and Google are getting political.

    Facebook launched a "U.S. Politics" page, "which highlights the use of Facebook by politicians and campaigns, shares tips and best practices, and news from Facebook."

    A sample of the tips? "Check out our guide to Facebook Ads."

    In other words, Facebook wants a cut of all that sweet, sweet advertising money spent during campaigns, and thanks to all the personal information users now share publicly, can target appeals to tea partiers or Obamanation, God-fearing gun lovers or the gays!

    Not to be outdone, Google has unveiled the Google and YouTube "Campaign Toolkits," which offers a suite of features for political campaigns, including the ability to insert ads ahead of popular YouTube videos.

    So when former eBay CEO Meg Whitman decides to spent countless millions on an online advertising push, leaving you to watch her attacks on Attorney General Jerry Brown before enjoying the latest hilarious cat video sensation, you know who to thank.

    Jackson West is still in the wrong business.

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