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How SJ Sewage Trained Soldiers

War stinks and an effort in San Jose proves it



    How SJ Sewage Trained Soldiers
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    There is an usual gathering Sunday at a South Bay a sewage treatment plant. 

    Civil affairs soldiers who trained at San Jose's Water Pollution Control Plant before being deployed to Iraq are getting together for a reunion of sorts with the staff who prepared them for their overseas project.

    The training focus shows that the U.S. effort in Iraq is not only about shooting things.  Soldiers apparently get "down and dirty" as well.

    The soldiers have now returned and will meet with plant engineers and staff to report their findings.

    They will collaborate on additional water treatment strategies that can be used in nations recovering from disaster or war, and they will discuss preparations for new soldiers getting ready for development project deployment.

    The soldiers were part of a civil affairs battalion comprised of U.S. Army reservists who use their civilian skills for restoration and stability operations across the globe.

    Bay City News contributed to this report.