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Solution To Senior Citizens' Deer Problem: Sterilization

Removing ovaries from the does in a 170-deer herd is the solution.



    There is an abundance of deer at The Villages in San Jose, and the plan is to spay the female soon. Here are some aerial and ground shots of the deer. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013)

    There's only one way to halt a burgeoning deer population that's been pestering The Villages gated senior community in San Jose, eating landscape and doubling in size: hit them where it hurts. As in their reproductive organs.

    Management officials at the senior citizen community in the South Bay city's east foothills say that relocating 30 of the animals outside of the community's eight miles of fencing and sterilizing the 170-deer herd's does is "the humane" thing to do, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    A plan to thin the herd using archers was kiboshed in 2007 thanks to a strong protest. And the deer problem is serious: $150,000 worth of landscaping damage and deer being attacked by dogs and cars are realities.

    The does will be tranquilized by wildlife management company White Buffalo and then will have their ovaries removed for the next two weeks.

    Department of Fish and Wildlife told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday that its agency has permitted the process and will be assisting with the sterilization of the deer in the near future.