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Solyndra Building For Sale

Own a piece of bankruptcy history.



    Solyndra Building For Sale
    Marianne Favro
    The 411,618-square-foot facility is expandable another 300,000 square feet, if the new owners erect a parking structure.

    Once a site linked to the future of American manufacturing, and now the legacy of a political scandal and bankruptcy, the former Solyndra building is officially on the market.

    Jones Lang LaSalle has been retained to help move the manufacturing plant in Fremont, Calif. -- all 739,232 potential square feet. (The facility could be expanded to be this big.) Since it's a bankruptcy property, and the sellers are trying to raise as much as possible at auction, there is no price range associated with the posting of the property.

    The building's website is robust with information on the building, the land, the city and the state. There's even an investment guide for anyone wanting to sink a little money into the local economy.

    And when purchasing an enormous manufacturing plant, one would need to hire a skilled workforce. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley tops the nation in just such a force.

    The top five markets for "Savvy Workforces": Silicon Valley, Boulder, Colo., Raleigh-Cary, N.C., Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass., and Huntsville, Ala.

    Of course, switching out that nameplate that faces Highway 880 is the first step in putting the legacy of scandal and bankruptcy in the rear-view mirror for the new owners.