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Solyndra Emails Show White House Involvement

Subpoenaed emails show Biden's office excited over Solyndra.



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    U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's office is referred to in emails regarding Solyndra and any possible loans from the administration to the failed solar panel company.

    Emails obtained by the House Energy and Commerce committee show frank language between Solyndra investor George Kaiser's office and his venture capital firm. They also show Obama administration denials of White House meetings about Solyndra are potentially false.

    "They about had an orgasm in [Vice President Joe] Biden's office when we mentioned Solyndra," says Kaiser employee Ken Levit.

    Steve Mitchell, with venture capital firm Argonaut Private Equity, wrote the message to Levit, who works for Kaiser. "That's awesome," responds Levit. "Get us a doe (sic) loan."

    [Full PDF of the emails is here.]

    Kaiser invested millions of dollars in Solyndra and "bundled" thousands of dollars for the Obama presidential campaign.

    His firm met with the White House about Solyndra several times, and that -- not the graphic language -- is the revelation. The Obama administration has in the past denied such conversations.    

    It should be noted the "orgasm" note was not from nor addressed to Kaiser himself.

    Separately, a deadline for the White House to comply with two House issued subpoenas came and went at 9 a.m. PST today.

    It's largely expected the White House will claim executive privilege -- a widely accepted legal principle that allows the administration to claim communications between the President and his aides confidential and out of the reach of the legislative branch.